Women's Script

Turn text into women's script from The Stormlight Archive.

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The symbols in women's script do not directly map to english letters, but to their sounds. There are also symbols for the "ch", "sh", and "th" sounds.

Women's script also has a symbol that indicates the maximum height of symbols in a block of text. By default, this generator will add it automatically at the start of the text and after blank lines. You can turn this off in the formatting section, or add them in your text by typing "]["


If there are words or (groups of) characters that do not map directly to sounds of womens script symbols you can either type them phonetically, or enter custom substitutions here. Examples of this could include:

The available womens script symbols are:

If you want your substitution to treat "CH", "SH", or "TH" as separate symbols, separate the symbols with a backslash "\" (ie "C\H"). This can also be used to prevent later character substitutions replacing the symbols from an earlier substitution.

Word substitutions

On each line enter a word, followed by a space, then the womens script symbols it should be replaced with.

Character substitutions

On each line enter a series of characters, followed by a space, then the womens script symbols they should be replaced with. These replacements will all take place in any text not already replaced by a word substitution, one after the other.